NorthWatch is the fake bank for refund scambaiting!

Get Started


Core functionality is (and always will be) free. Features marked with PRO require you to upgrade to NorthWatch PRO. For a one-time $7 USD fee, you get extra features on your NorthWatch account and help support the ongoing development and hosting of NorthWatch.

  • Nothing to install, just create an account
  • Designed and built for scambaiting
  • Alternitive domains (list in scambaiter panel)
  • Set bank account names/balances
  • Remote control the scammer's view
  • PRO Loans
  • PRO Stocks
  • Constant updates, improvements, and new features
  • Documentation, Forums, and a Matrix room for support
  • Scambaiter/Admin panel for controling your account
  • Scammer IP Logging
  • PRO Multiple currencies
  • PRO Custom bank name/logo/url
  • PRO 20+ additional features (custom popups/banners, profile pictures, etc.)